Old BaldyClub

World-Class Exclusive Retreat

Antelope-Grill,-2002_webFounded by George B. Storer in 1963, the Old Baldy Club, named for Bald Mountain (now Kennaday Peak) which looms large to the east of the Club, is tantamount with the most renowned country clubs in America. Old Baldy started as a jetsetter’s destination for wealthy industrialists, well-known celebrities and distinguished politicians seeking anonymity. Today, within the gated grounds, the Club remains an exclusive retreat featuring world-class dining, a premiere 18-hole golf course, fishing on private streams and lakes, tennis and pickleball courts, a fitness center and modern-day electronics in a relaxed and comfortable Western atmosphere. Only a small number of members are fortunate enough to live in the Old Baldy Village, a grouping of less than 50 cottage-style homes constructed over a 50-year anniversary; all embracing individual charm and curbside appeal. One of the most recently built homes is the Riverfront at 23 Shoshone Drive.

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